Happy Birthday Dad
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Monday, December 03, 2018
By Jayson's Photography
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Today would have been my Dad's 72nd Birthday. You don't really stop missing those who have left this Earth. Time does not really heal all. I guess it becomes a little more bearable as you move on but those memories will always remind us of how much we miss and love them. The biggest thing in losing someone is the ability to not being able to speak with them anymore. I always think that if I could still hear my Dad's voice and guidance or to know that he's okay in Heaven, I'd feel a little bit better. I think of the movie Coco and wish we would be able to cross over and visit our loved ones for a day. What would you do if you could spend one day with a loved one again? I would definitely love to go golfing with my Dad or just watch a Patriots game or James Bond movie. My Dad really enjoyed action films so I would always buy him one for his Birthday. Last year I bought him Star Wars Rogue One. This year I think I will buy him another Star Wars film The Last Jedi. Although I did see Mission Impossible Fallout more recently and think he would enjoy that as well. Maybe I'll buy him both. For my Dad on his Birthday, I miss you and Love You. 

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Jayson Lecuyer - Thank you
Litzy - I am so sorry for your loss, sending you all the best.